The Quake Global Q-Pro Satellite Data Modem is a portable, self-contained global communication, and navigation system. The small, rugged, environmentally-sealed (IP-67) module contains the latest in advanced programmable features that allow Quake’s customers to tailor their communications to their exact, and sometimes changing needs. Using Quake Global’s patented and proprietary technology, the standard Q-Pro delivers reliable two-way or one-way data communications through the ORBCOMM and Globalstar constellations of Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellites, as well as through terrestrial GSM networks. For location and navigational applications, the Q-Pro is equipped with an advanced 50-channel GPS system.


The Q-GSM incorporates the latest quad band GPRS technology available in the M2M market today. With its extended input power and operating temperature range, intergration could not be made easier. Having “module Approval” makes time to market shorter and cost effective. In addition, the Q-GSM also “Snaps”directly ON Quake’s iQ Series controller to create a powerful and functioning combination of GPS Computing Power, IO’s and the most current cellular technology.


The Q9612 satellite transceiver combines the global coverage of the Iridium Satellite Network with the low latency of the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) service. This new generation product, contained within a small footprint package, is designed to optimize two-way data links. The Q9612 module has 9-18V power conditioning, can be installed directly onto a 12V vehicle, and is interfaced with an RS-232 serial port. The modem is programmable through an AT Command Set Interface.


The Q1400 with GPS is the QUAKE? modem of choice for users who need an “all-in-one” satellite modem plus GPS product. The Q1400 modem is a small, low-profile, flexible, intelligent, and user-friendly satellite-based communication modem into which QUAKE has integrated a 50-channel GPS receiver and an on-board computer processor. The Q1400 is specifically designed to operate over the ORBCOMM? two-way global satellite communications network, and is therefore not limited by cellular coverage boundaries.


You can program the Q4000 to meet your needs. Individual inputs can be specifically programmed to continuously monitor sensors and to report at selected intervals. Additionally, alarm conditions can be preprogrammed so the unit reports the condition automatically and immediately if the targeted conditions are detected. Reports can be generated on a regular schedule, by exception-only reporting, or a combination of both.


The SABRE 1 Remote is an enhanced SABRE 1 terminal that comes with an additional remote command and control capability via a SMS IP activation/deactivation feature specifically tailored for remote unmanned SCADA applications. The SABRE Shield provides protection for such outdoor installations against all weather conditions. Besides SCADA applications, it can be used whenever a SABRE 1 or SABRE 1 Remote terminal needs to be installed in the open.


Comply with international Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) regulations with the DMR terminal’s field-proven pedigree in ship security and vessel monitoring—at a cost that won’t sink you.


Eagle Research Corporation is dedicated to meeting the needs of the Water/Wastewater industries by providing quality products and professional services. We are uniquely positioned as a complete turnkey provider of SCADA solutions and are widely recognized in the industry as a premier manufacturer of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) & integrated telemetry systems.


Globalstar De Mexico has launched a hybrid satellite asset tracking solution known as the HTT- Hybrid. Track. Tech. The new HTT is a satellite wireless device capable of provide GPS-Based asset tracking location and monitoring information from virtually anywhere. The unique hybrid satellite wireless tracking device that transmits data using the Globalstar satellite simplex data network or GSM/GPRS satellite wireless networks offering customers with the ever-present coverage needed to effectively tracking mobile assets such as tractor trailers, maritime shipping containers and cargo boxes.


ThurayaModule is a compact satellite (only) modem that supports circuit switched voice, data/fax, SMS, GPS, and GmPRS* up to 60/15 kbps (Downlink/Uplink). The module’s optimized design and small size offers developers an open platform and absolute freedom to develop and customize products and solutions that work on Thuraya satellite network. ThurayaModule has two RF connectors and board to board interfaces (SAT, GPS).

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